Why Meet Magic Nepal

The allure of the Himalayan attracts a large number of visitors to Nepal. The villages that dot the landscape retain their pristine cultural traditions. Come and discover the exotic charm of a life untouched by the relentless pace urban society. 
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Yoga & Meditation Treks

Meet the Magic of yourself by YOGA and MEDITATION - courses in hidden monasteries. The Yoga and Mediation Trekking Program combines two of Nepal's most distinct traditions. Introducing Yoga into the Trekking experience allows for a richer appreciation of the physical and mental landscape as the body and mind are opened through daily Meditation, Yoga, Stretching, Massage, and Trekking. The combination of these elements creates a more fulfilling physical exercise while strengthening and opening the mind for greater relaxation and awareness all within the beautiful natural environment provided by the Himalayas. The program is open for all experience levels and ages and is a unique opportunity for those interested in the strengthening of both the body and mind.

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Short Trekking Anytime

Short Magic Treks anytime in Nepal offering fantastic mountain sceneries, pleasant countryside hikes and cultural experiences. If you are looking for few days of short trek in the Himalayas, you will find here some of the most popular short treks in Nepal . Some of them are operated from Pokhara to the Annapurna foot hills, one of them is countryside hike from Kathmandu and the last one is a short trek to the Everest region aimed to show you a close view of Everest and the Buddhist culture of the famous Sherpa people.

Pokhara is a beautiful lake city with a panorama of high mountains on its northern skyline. The region north of Pokhara is a trekker's paradise and offers many short treks ranging from one day to many days, exactly as many days as you like. A short Pokhara trek will offer you spectacular views of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchare, Nilgiri, Manaslu and some other mountains and beautiful hill villages inhabited by friendly people.

These short treks are for busy people who want to have a Himalayan hiking experience during their short holiday or those who want to enjoy beautiful mountain sceneries in a leisurely walk with their friends or families. Some of these treks seem similar but the approach routes are different, we know many different view points and non touristy routes around Pokhara to take you to. These treks are short but will offer you few days close to nature and authentic trekking experience. These treks are considered "easy" by professional hikers while non professionals and first timers find them "easy to moderate
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Volentering Everywhere

Meet the Magic of inspiring work by VOLUNTEERING
Volunteers are the backbone of many community organizations that work to help those in need. Many organizations use volunteers in almost every aspect of their work, from sending out information to their donors, handing out food or clothing to those in need, helping organize and man events to bring awareness to their cause or just simply getting alongside people and donating their time to uplift and support another person. Anyone can work as a volunteer; they just have to have an interest in helping people and be donating a few hours a month to a cause they wish to help.

Who Can Work as a Volunteer?
You don’t have to have any special skills to work as a volunteer, but if you do, there are many organizations that can use you. If you have computer skills, have experience in fundraising or if you have special skills, such as graphic design, you would be invaluable to many organizations. However, many places can use people to do hands on work that don’t require special skills.
Organizations that offer services or necessities to those in need may need people who are willing to sort through donated items and help hand them out to people. People of all ages who are willing to help can find ways to volunteer their time and services. Retirees make great volunteers because they have time on their hands and many of them find that volunteering makes them feel useful and helps keep them active in their communities.
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Education of Nepali Poor Childrens

Meet the Magic of " Making the difference " by choosing for Meet Magic Nepal and SUPPORT directly the education of poor children. Nepal is now officially the poorest country in Asia. The government has only been active in the field of education for the past 50 years. Before that, the status quo thought it unwise to educate the masses. Even today, its focus is still on school buildings. Teachers, teaching materials and the quality of teaching are for the most part outside the scope of the government


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Meet Magic Nepal is Associated with


  • Tiji festival Trekking

    Every year in April
    Mustang has lured trekkers for many years, and has only recently been opened. In March 1992, the "forbidden" kingdom of Mustang was opened to the outside world. Now, for the first time in recent history, foreign travelers are able to visit Lo Manthang, the seat of an ancient kingdom dating back to the 15th century. The people of Upper Mustang are called Bhotias and those from Lo are called Lobas. They speak various dialects of Tibetan. Historically, their art and culture flourished due to contact with traders, monks and religious masters passing between Tibet and India, or between Ladakh and Bhutan. The walled city still stands as a testimony to Lo-Mangtang's prosperity and rich cultural heritage the area is part of the Tibetan plateau, and is high, dry and beautiful. It is only possible to enter with an organized group.
    Tiji festival is a celebration and reaffirmation of this myth. Throughout the festival the events and story of the myth are re-enacted. The festival is timed to coincide with the end of the dry season (late winter/spring) and ushers in the wetter monsoon season. Tiji comes from the words "ten che" meaning "the hope of Buddha Dharma prevailing in all worlds" and is a spring renewal festival that also celebrates the triumph of good over evil. In 1964 Michel Peissel was the first westerner to observe the Tiji festival. At this time, the Mustang region was still completely closed off to foreigners and he had to obtain special permission from the government of Nepal in order to enter the region. 
    The Tiji festival is a three-day ritual known as "The chasing of the Demons", centered around the Tiji myth celebrated in Mustang, Nepal. Tiji tells the story of a deity named Dorje Jono who must battle against his demon father to save the Kingdom of Mustang from destruction. The demon father wreaks havoc on Mustang by creating a water shortage which, in this extremely arid land, is the most precious life-sustaining resource. Dorje Jono eventually defeats the demon and banishes him from the land. 

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    Fix Departure Dates: 23-09-2015, 09-10-2015 and 19-11-2015
    Everybody knows of Mt. Everest and that’s the simple reason why the Everest Base Camp Trek is so popular. Mount Everest towers above the Khumbu at over 8,848 m and is perhaps the most iconic symbol of challenge and adventure on Earth. EBC treks follow in the footsteps of legends as we ascend from verdant Lukla to the vast glaciers and razor-sharp ridgelines of the Everest Himalayas; home of the world's highest peaks. At Base Camp, stand face-to-face with the fabled Khumbu Ice Fall and its towering seracs. Hike to the summit of Kala Patar at over 5,512 m for an unobstructed view of Everest's windblown summit, trailing a seemingly perpetual banner of cloud and snow. The treks take you into the heart of the Nepalese Himalaya, with awe-inspiring views of many of the world's highest and most beautiful mountains.
    Except the mountain, the unique Sherpa culture, traditions, religion and hospitalities will be tasted in this trek as well. Most of the trekking days will be spent above altitude of 3000m in the Khumbu and Imja Khola valleys exploration- there will be plenty of time to enjoy the local culture of the Sherpa people, visiting ancient monasteries, learn about Buddhism influence in Sherpa’s life and traditional farming system will add to flavor to your journey and will be most unforgettable experiences.
    Everest Base Camp is the dream of the trekkers, because of its amazing scenery, because of the unique people living there, because of the stars are so close to touch,  because of the mountain is there, that's why you are here.
  • Langtang Valley Trek

    Fix Departure Dates: 23-04-2015 and 15-11-2015
    Langtang Valley is the nearest Himalayan Region from Kathmandu valley, few hours drive from Kathmandu will take you to the beautiful Langtang region. Despite being very close to Kathmandu, the Langtang Region is as wild as any Tibetan highlands with idyllic rural landscape. The people living in the highlands of the Langtang region are certainly Nepalese but being the descendant of the Tibetan origin, they look like the Tibetans. Hence, Langtang region is one of the most popular trekking regions for those wishing a short trek from Kathmandu into the Himalayas influenced by Tibetan lifestyle. Moreover, accompanying with the varieties of rhododendron, bamboo forests, majestic waterfalls and snow-capped Himalayas make the trek one of the most diverse treks nearby Kathmandu.
    The 10 Days Langtang Valley Trek starts with a day's bus ride from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. We begin the walk from Syabrubesi. We head upward to Lama Hotel and Langtang village until we arrive at the famous Kanyanjing Gompa. After exploring the region, we trek the same route to Syabrubesi from where we drive back to Kathmandu.


    Mani Rimdu Festival (Join Group)

    Fix Departure Date : 06 November 2015
    Sherpas in Nepal celebrate different kind of ceremonies in their region regularly, marriage ceremonies, funerals, manning of the child, driving out evil sprits, obtaining Sonam (Merit) and other offerings to be made in the name of the local gods. On the Full Moon Day of Tibetan ninth month (October or November), a very important festival of Sherpas " Mani Rimdu" falls. This festival continues for three day, following the ten-day non-stop prayer sessions addressed to the patron deities - seeking
  • Annapurna Base Camp trek

    Fix Departure Dates: 05-04-2015 and 03-11-2015
    The Annapurna Base camp trek is a hike into the dazzling natural amphitheatre formed by the staggeringly beautiful peaks of the giants - Annapurna 1, Glacier Dome, Gangapurna, Fang and the fishtail peak of Machapuchare. Although there is only one entrance to the sanctuary itself, we follow locally known, lesser-used approaches and exit routes on our premier Annapurna Base Camp Trek.
    The vast amphitheatre of the Annapurna Sanctuary is encircled by the famous Himalayan peaks – the 'fishtail' spire of Machapuchare (6997m), Gangapurna (7454m), Annapurna 1 (8091m), the unclimbed Fang (7647m) and Annapurna South (7273m). The only approach follows the Modi Khola Valley through forests of oak, rhododendron and bamboo, passing through local Gurung villages to a world of soaring peaks.
    Annapurna Base Camp TrekkingThe flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara takes us past three 8000m giants . We start our Annapurna Base Camp Trek with a short drive from Pokhara to Nayapul. We walk to a village by the Modi River, Birethanti(1000m). Walking through oak forest we cross several side valleys, which run into the Modi Khola, and climb a stone 'staircase' to the Gurung village of Chomrong (2060m). Trekking past Hinku cave, we reach what is known as the 'gate' into the Sanctuary – a pass between the spectacular peaks of Hiunchuli and Machapuchare.
    The glaciated and snow covered peaks of the Sanctuary form a spectacular barrier .Dazzling views confront us as we trek up through the last permanent settlements to the Machapuchare Base Camp (3729m) where we are rewarded with superb views of 'Fishtail' mountain. While here we will also visit the Annapurna South Base camp.


  • Testimonials
    'It was a great pleasure to be on a journey with Kamal, during the Annapurna trekking. He was always around when some difficult path's or crossings where coming up. It gave me a pleasant feeling of safe accompangement and professionale care! Everything was always very well prepared and had be taken care of. Even the tea was completed with cookies. When you go to Nepal and want to have a nice trekking, I would certainly recommend Kamal! Have a nice trip with him! Corrie Reijngoud,
    Corrie Reijngoud
  • Kamal feld more as a friend then a guide. He is always there for you. He let lived the Nepali life, I ate and drink local food and drinks. Let me met family and friends and made me feel special and down to earth at the same time. Thanks again Kamal and friends.
  • February 2007 I went to Nepal again for the third time. As always when leaving the airport of Kathmandu I fell in love with the colours, the smells, the culture, the air full of life, religion and magic. Also so happy to meet my dear, happy, joyfull guide and friend Kamal again! This time I wasn’t leading a group of Dutch women coming for a meditation trek in the Himalaya’s, but I was so lucky to go on vacation-trek with my youngest daughter. She had gotten so curious to this country after all my enthousiastic stories and was looking forward to our adventurous Everest trek to Gokyo Ri, well organized again by Meet Magic Nepal. After two days in our fine guest house in pleasant Thamel we took the flight to Lukla where our trek started. We walked lightly and gladly over many-centuries-old paths with great views over the peaceful snow-covered mountains surrounding us, hearing the music of the great waterfalls and going through very little old villages where we were namaste-greeted by the friendly citizens. We passed sun lightened stupa’s with hundreds of flags waiving their prayers to us in the deep blue sky. Walking early in the spring season guarantees silence and few tourists in these huge, holy mountains…this is balsam for the soul! Inner peace and time-less-ness can enter here so easily. That is what we need in our busy western world! There is also a risk in going early: you can be surprised by softly falling snow and coldness! That is what happened to us the higher we came and Gokyo Ri appeared to be too dangerous now. In Dole we sat around the warm burning stove, enjoying our apple pancakes and drinking hot milk tea. Kamal advised us to change path now and cross over to another valley. So we did and soon the sun shine friendly upon us and the snow-free paths again as eagles were flying just above us. Happily we continued our trip to Lukla where the plain would take us to Kathmandu again. Many thanks again for all good worries of Kamal and Meet Magic Nepal for our unforgettable month. Tomorrow we will go home and my heart sings already: I will be back! Marion van de Voorde.
  • Testimonials
    Thame, Wednesday march 15th 2006, meditation-expedition in Nepal with my friend Marion and 5 other women and our guide Kamal. So much snow around the little lodge where we are staying. It is not possible to walk further today. Our exercise this day: We imagine "I am the Buddha and every-one I see today is also the Buddha". We will be in silence all day and deep inside we will feel that all men and all creatures have been our mothers. I wake up feeling like a Buddha and walk alone, as Buddha did. One hour later I sit on a big rock near the wild river. It is freezing, all colors white and brown, the noise of the river and the noise of the Silence. So quiet, I am completely alone. Far away I see yaks with Tibetan people. They came over the high mountains and go to Namche Bazar to sell their stuff. The yaks and their owners look strong and big and dark. So much power! And I say to myself: "they were also my mothers in the past!" I feel tears welling in my eyes and love in my heart. We are one! And that is all. A few hours after this I make a pile of big stones. I can see mountains everywhere, snow, another river in the distance, so much Beauty around me. And I see Kamal near the river, on the bridge. My loyal guide who walks with me for the third time in the Himalaya's. No better guide, not enough words to tell how much I appreciate this man of Nepal. He is everywhere all of the time. To see if he can make things comfortable for the ladies from Holland. He even participates in our exercise of today. His heart is full of love and in his eyes you see a wise soul. I think: Kamal is also the Buddha and in the past he was my mother! And with a big smile I go to the bridge to say hello to him. Miep Grijpma Netherland http://www.mooiemorgen.nl/
    Miep Grijpma
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